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Welcome to Natural Rhythms, a full-service interior design firm that specializes in capturing the timeless beauty of the Hudson Valley. Whether we're restoring historic architecture, seamlessly blending the old with the new, or starting from scratch, our expertise is dedicated to crafting your ideal space. Our commitment extends to assisting clients throughout the entire construction process, and we also offer e-design and consultations for those seeking a virtual touch. Your project is our canvas, and we anticipate hearing about your unique vision, as we are dedicated to bringing it to life with grace and expertise. Welcome to a world where design reflects the beauty of nature and the tapestry of your personal story.


Natural Rhythms was founded by Lindsay Guibor, a  Hudson Valley native. Infused with a love for nature and a passion for antique treasures, Lindsay weaves her creative mastery into her work, bringing her clients' unique stories to life within their spaces. Her vision for Natural Rhythms is rooted in guiding clients through the creative process, providing a warm and welcoming approach that mirrors her deep connection to the natural world.



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